Amigo 1.2.0

Facebook from your menu bar


  • Control from menu bar
  • Notifications
  • Quick links to friends
  • Integrated search


  • A little expensive for what it is
  • Not very well implemented


Amigo is a little application to follow all your Facebook notifications from your Mac's menu bar.

Fitted discreetly in your menu bar, Amigo drops down, revealing all new notifications and your list of friends as soon as you click the Amigo item at the top of your screen.

The program will give you notifications for pokes, wall posts, invitations, updates and groups, and even list all upcoming events with their date.

Amigo works with Growl so notifications can pop up discreetly on your screen to let you know what's going on in your Facebook world. You can also set different audio alerts for each notification.

It's nice to have all your friends listed in the drop-down menu, however if you're really popular it can be a bit of a hassle scrolling through them all.

Instead you can use the integrated search, which works fairly well. Clicking on a friend will not bring you to their profile page yet but instead will display their picture and quick access to their wall, profile, photos and more.

You can also send a message or poke them from there.

If you're just looking to stay connected to your Facebook account and get regular notifications then you should like Amigo.

The real drawback to the program may be its price though. $20 dollars is a little expensive for just letting you get notifications.

If not a little expensive, Amigo is a discreet little program to get notifications from Facebook via your menu bar.

Amigo is a Facebook notification client and launch pad for the Mac. It lives discretely in your menu bar, giving you quick and easy access to all your friends on Facebook.



Amigo 1.2.0

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